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Episode #1 \\ Working with the edges // Everyone should go to art school \\

April 3, 2019

Episode 1 : Working with the edges : Everyone should go to art school

Working with the edges is a podcast developed as part of TOMA*. Equally excited + worried by the conversations taking place with visitors to the programme about the future of education, specifically art education, TOMA founder + artist Emma Edmondson and Arcade + Campfa director Clare Charles host a series of conversations, essays + sound art shorts. We aim to learn more about practitioners’ creative education journeys, the art world, criticism and ask what makes a contemporary artist?

In episode one, everyone should go to art school, we talk to Laure Prouvost about her journey as an artist through education + narratives in her work, Rosalie Schweiker about how giving tutorials is similar to being a GP + how art education saved her. There is also the first part of our series of train chats with writer critic Rose Cleary, artist Paige Ockenden + Emma Edmondson, some 5 minute sound works from Elle Reynolds + Michaela Bannon + some artists’ advice bureau stuff from Rosalie Schweiker. The podcast was conceived as part of TOMA’s development and is supported using public funding from Arts Council England.



Interview with - - - Laure Prouvost

5 minutes with - - - Michaela Bannon // Soundscape Z (2018)

5 minutes with - - - Train chat with Rose Cleary, Paige Ockenden + Emma Edmondson

Interview with - - - Rosalie Schweiker

5 minutes with - - - Elle Reynolds + Emma Edmondson + Katherine Gledhill (voice) // Art Teacher Loop rehashed (2018)

Artists’ Advice Bureau - - - Rosalie Schweiker

All music and jingles from - - - Milky G - - - listen to more of his stuff HERE

Podcast imagery by - - - Emma Mills

*The Other MA (TOMA) is a 12-month artist-run education model based in Southend-on-Sea. TOMA is currently the only postgraduate level art programme in Essex after all others were stopped by their host Universities. It was set up in 2015 by artist Emma Edmondson, in partnership with Metal, to offer affordable, accessible contemporary art education outside of the traditional institution.